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Yarmouk Completed Bashair’s Tank B cleaning project Part.

 Portsudan 12/3/2024

YARMOUK Industrial Services Company, a subsidiary of SUNAGAS, has completed the cleaning works of tank B at Bashaer Terminal. The completion of work in the tank is an important milestone in the course of the project and paves the way for the completion of the rest of the project.

Alwatania participates in the 2023 Annual Meetings of the World Bank Group

 Cairo November 2018

Alwatania, a SUNAGA subsidiary in response to a kind invitation form the word Bank, participated in the 2023 Annual Meetings of the World Bank Group, representing Sudan Energy private sector.

Sunagas and Sudan Ports Authority sign the Lease Agreement for Sudan LNG receiving Terminal.

 Portsudan 31/7/2018

SUNAGAS and Sudan Port Authority signed the Lease Agreement of Sudan LNG Receiving Terminal.
Both side announced that this important step will pave the way for the start of the implementation of the project in conjunction with the start of receiving the offers from the EPC Contractors

Companies competing to bid for the EPC and FSRU solution visit the project site

 Portsudan 3/7/2018

According to the tender procedures, the participating companies visited the site of the LNG receiving Terminal in Port Sudan, where they were given the opportunity to understand the conditions of the site and meet with the Ports Authority technical and administration teams as well as the thermal power generation project manager.

hazop workshop concludes

 Khartoum 26/8/2017

The meetings of the HAZOP workshop were concluded with an active participation of representatives from The Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation and Electricity, the ministry of Oil and Gas, the Ministry Transportation.

SUNAGAS delegation visits North cement factory

Atbara 25/5/2018

Northern cement factory manager welcomes the delegation of SUNAGAS and express their interest and support for the Sudan project for natural gas, which he considers will solve the biggest problems facing the cement industry in securing a stable fuel Supply.

Barbar cement Factory Manager “await natural gas to increase our productivity.

 Barbar 23/4/2018

Berber cement company Manager praised the efforts of SUNAGAS to the introduction of natural gas as an energy source, and expressed their support in the cement industry for this project, which will raise the productivity of cement plants, and enable  Sudan to become one of the region’s cement exporters