Our Vision

To be the leading natural gas company in Eastern Africa; realizing value to our stakeholders and providing sustainable development to our community...

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Realizing the energy demand, transferring to natural gas and Finding a highly reliable supply source...

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Our Values

We are an added value to the environment and to our entire community.  We implement the latest methods towards the success of our business. We apply the internationally recognized standards of business.
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We believe in treating our customers with respect and trust, and in applying honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our organization.
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Our Strategy

Work on sustainable growth in the region across the energy value chain. Develop strategic relationships to the benefit of the region. Maintain international technical, commercial, and safety standards...


building long term relationships with our customers and providing an exceptional customer experience by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.
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To build and operate an LNG receiving and regasification terminal and distribution grid (NG pipeline) that will meet the growing need for natural gas.
Recently and due to the immediate chronic need for energy, The Sudan Government has approved Sunagas’s proposal to implement a fast track solution by delivering FSRU and building a transport pipeline to main cities down to the door of Electric Power Generation Stations.

…the only solution to meet electricity demand  and high fuel cost is to introduce natural gas.

……. Due to the forecast increase in oil prices and environmental issues, natural gas development provides a major opportunity for Sudan. Today, there is no real competitive option facing LNG import (such as country gas production, onshore African pipelines due to long distance and political issues that delay or jeopardize such multi-country projects), LNG import can be one of the major drivers of economic growth and broader social development, as well as a major spur for local employment growth and infrastructure development

….Using natural gas to generate electricity could reduce energy costs, but Sudan's natural gas sector is undeveloped