About Us

Sunagas was established to build and operate an LNG receiving and regasification terminal and distribution grid that meets the growing need for natural gas in the Eastern African region, and to promote diversity of energy supply choices.
Our targeted location has the potential to become a regional economic giant, due to its abundant fertile lands and livestock, a booming manufacturing base, and a strategic market location at the crossroads of sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East.

Our Vision

o be the leading natural gas company in Eastern Africa; realizing value to our stakeholders and providing sustainable development to our community.

Our Values

We are an added value to the environment and to our entire community. We implement the latest methods towards the success of our business. We apply the internationally recognized standards of business. We consider people our main asset.


To work on sustainable growth in the region across the energy value chain. Develop strategic relationships to the benefit of the region. Maintain international technical, commercial, and safety standards.

Meet The Team


Omer Taha

Ahmed Abbas

Mohamed Sharif